How does M-Lite LED Grow Light work? What are 4 Channel Controls?

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M-Lites LED grow lights are used for growing plants indoors including hydroponics, horticulture, greenhouse lighting, seeding, seedling, farm, flower exhibition, and garden applications to replace traditional high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH) lamps, or induction grow lamps. In hydroponics, LED grow lights are the most recommended type of light source, because they produce superior contribution to hydroponic plant growth for growers.

At M-Lites, we have designed, researched, tested, and manufactured our LED Grow lights, which evolved over the years to be known as one of the BEST LED GROW LIGHTS IN THE MARKET by industry experts.

Our LED grow lights are energy efficient and are Maintenance-free during its operation period of the 5 year or 50,000 hour warranty. Our grow light consumes less power and produces just a fraction of the heat of high intensity discharge lamps. This is why more and more growers prefer to use M-Lite grow lights.


Intelligent Grow Light Control

At M-Lite we use the newest technology, DMX and PMW control way. There are four individually adjustable channels including; Automatic, Veg, Flower,and UVB channels. The unit provides a dimmer and timer, with 2.4 GHz wireless intelligent control with multiple join technology. Steady and smart voltage auto-switching regulating power supply, adjusts to the appropriate voltage for international use.


World's Best Technology, Multi-Join Lighting, 4 Channels Controlled
World’s Best Grow Light Technology, 4 Channels Controlled with up to 6 units multi joined
Top of the Line Mean Well Driver


Full spectrum LED Light for indoor farming with controls provides the most cost effective way for growers to boost healthy crop yields, while supplying the compatible light spectrum which is absorbed by the plant. This cuts down the plant growth period. Our grow lights are programmed for the spectrum sprouts and flowers, providing an excellent growth cycle.

Lumini Controller gives you the right light to grow
The 4 Channel Controller gives you the right light to grow with maximum production


M-Lite LED Grow Lights

M-Lites LED lighting technology is the future of the indoor farming and hydroponic growing industry. Over the years our emerging technology has constantly been raising the bar for more efficient lighting for your growing needs. Our LED grow lights are manufactured with our proven LED lighting technology. Our renowned electrical engineers produce only the best and brightest LED grow lights to provide you with maximum results. This is why we have paired our LED Grow Lights with a controller that allows you to generate the perfect harvest by giving you the right wavelengths that can be found at the key absorption points along the photosynthetic spectrum.

M-Lites is providing you with the future of Grow Lighting fixtures NOW!

Providing the Perfect light spectrum yields the Perfect Harvest
Providing the Perfect light spectrum yields the Perfect Harvest