Afi (Al) Hasan, PhD – Chief Technology Officer


Afi (Al) Hasan, PhD – Chief Technology Officer M-Lite Solution

Dr. Hasan and Manny assembling Led Light Bars

Dr.Hasan has a distinguished 32-year career specializing in business technology within the data, and telecommunications industries, sustainability and green energy and currently Partner and Chairman of Bridge water Energy Systems., A premier supplier of green energy battery source for Electric Vehicles (EV), Solar panels, and various electric devices. Dr. Hasan serves primarily as M Lite Solution’s Chief Technology Officer, and is currently creating better ways to power our emergency lighting fixtures, and exit signs for a variety of commercial applications.


Dr, Hasan is also an experienced executive with solid international professional management, organizational and analytical skills. Highly educated and experienced professional with many decades of expertise in a wide array of industries and disciplines, including professional engineering with particular concentrations in water management, infrastructure and alternative energy systems, sustainability;  educational partnerships, information technology, communications and software applications.

This includes 14 years with Tellabs, Inc.,a leading designer, and manufacturer of voice, and data equipment world wide. Dr.Hasan served as Senior Vice President of Tellabs’ Global Solutions and Services Division,responsible for the world wide deployment, and support of transport, and switching equipment.  Previously, Dr.Hasan held senior management positions at Lexitron Corporation (Raytheon Data Systems),Westinghouse,and Videojet Systems,where he developed expertise in test engineering,sustaining engineering, and support services.

Government policy and strategic planning for public sector projects including schools, fire and police facilities, libraries, sports facilities, and convention centers; public finance, public health, administrative and regulatory management systems;  and business development and strategic planning services for manufacturing and distribution.

Dr. Hasan also advises, directs, and identifies New Global markets for our LED Products, and with his leadership we look forward to providing our energy efficient products world wide.

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