About M-Lite Solutions

M-lite Solution LLC, has a long history in electrical manufacturing and engineering. M-Lite Solution has designed hundreds of patents, and has been the brain trust to many major corporations world wide.

We create high end LED retrofit products at affordable pricing for schools, nursing homes, government buildings, and commercial buildings world wide.

Our latest LED lighting solutions use less energy, last longer, and are our own patented designs. Our product line consists of our MLB Series Light Bar System; MRK Series troffer retrofit kits; MSK Series Light Strips; MTS Series LED Ceiling Troffer; New LED Flat Panels; LED Exit Signs; LED Shoe Boxes; LED Parking Lot lights; LED Light Bulbs; and our Brand New LED High Bay fixtures.

What separates our products from the rest?

 Our LED lighting solutions reduce energy costs by up to 80%
 We provide the highest return on investment by significantly reducing overall maintenance costs
 Consume as little as 20 watts
 Lower overall carbon footprint
 No more ballast hum
 No more light flicker
 Install in less than 15 minutes per fixture

Our proven success in the lighting industry is based on being a manufacturer and supplier that customers can depend on, we will always go above and beyond to find the perfect lighting solution for your needs. Please contact me directly at 630.290.1319 for a free case study for your lighting projects.


Our light bars are one of our hottest inventions to come to market, and we expect to take them to the next level with help from Amazon and Kick Starter the Spring of 2014.



We are also on the cutting edge of creating new power drivers that will reduce wattage consumption to less than 10 watts on our next generation LED fixtures. Which will create a new standard for years to come in the lighting industry.


Please visit our blog weekly as we launch new LED product lines to reduce the worlds energy consumption one fixture at a time.

led troffer M-Lite



One thought on “About M-Lite Solutions

    Wayne Kim said:
    July 11, 2014 at 5:20 pm


    I saw your article in Linkedin, GREAT job!

    I have a manufacturing plant in Korea, as well in Cerritos, CA.

    Is there any retrofits I can help to supply you with?

    Please keep in contact, once again, you give hope to some of us out here who are still growing, GREAT job!

    Wayne Kim
    DLS Global

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